Who We Help

MSFWs are one of our country’s most invisible populations. The health status of MSFWs is compromised due to the physically demanding nature of their work, the potential for substandard housing, little to no access to care, and geographic isolation. Most MSFWs live below the poverty line, lack health insurance, experience interruptions in their medical care, and may not have access to entitlements/programs because of immigration status. MSFWs also face a lack of culturally and linguistically appropriate services and may be unfamiliar with the local health system or other resources.

While MSFWs make an overwhelming contribution to our lives and health through the work of harvesting our fruits and vegetables (80% of which is done by hand in this country), they remain a critically vulnerable community. Unfortunately, we have come to take for granted the low-cost, high-quality produce available in our local grocery stores and do not consider the individuals or families that plant, nurture, and harvest our produce.